Anne-Marie reveals how therapy helped her during the confinement

Anne-Marie reveals how therapy helped her during the confinement

Anne-Marie has said that seeing a therapist during confinement “honestly changed my life” after finding herself in a “really bad place.”

The 30-year-old Essex-raised pop star recently released her second album, titled Therapy, reaching number two on the charts, her personal best after her debut Speak Your Mind hit number three in 2018.

Appearing on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4, she spoke about how a combination of professional help and making music helped her during the pandemic.

She said: “Beyond music being therapy for a lot of people and helping people in situations and all that, I went through a really bad place during the lockdown and I just had to talk to someone. There was simply no other option. I decided to speak to a therapist. “

She added: “I actually tried a therapist about three years ago, or two years ago, and I didn’t really feel a connection. So, I think the second time, when I felt really bad, I said, ‘Well, I’ve tried before.’

“That was what I thought in the first place. So my manager said, ‘I may be the wrong person,’ so I tried again and luckily I met this woman and she honestly changed my life, changed my brain. “

Anne-Marie has been open about her mental health issues, including severe anxiety that at one point prevented her from leaving her home.

She added: “Before I found a real therapist, writing was that for me, because I had never written a diary at night, never told anyone how I really felt and without even realizing that I was putting it to music.”

The star also explained how her collaboration with close friends Little Mix came about on the single Kiss My (Uh Oh).

“I feel like it was a collaboration that everyone was asking for for years,” he said.

“Whenever we saw each other at festivals and things like that, we talked about having this collaboration and we tried for so long, sending songs back and forth and we never found one.

“While putting together the song list for this album, Kiss My (Uh Oh) was a solo song and I listened to it and thought, ‘No, they need to be on it.’

“So I sent it to them and luckily they loved it and then they recorded it and improved it and it became a single.”

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